Middle-East Broadcasting (MBC)
The premier Arabic Video Platform for the Mid-East, Shahid Video Portal uses the Knetik Media OTT and CMS Platform in partnership with Limelight for delivery. Shahid is a multi-screen service with tens of thousands of assets and millions of unique service subscribers.


PlayVS is a Meta Game focused on collegiate millennial generation. Casual gaming, internal meta gaming, and user challenges.


South Asian Focused Direct-to-Consumer Online Video Service driven by the Knetik Media OTT Platform for content management and multi-screen video delivery. NUTAN.TV consists of over 2,000 hours of content with a multi-screen delivery including mobile devices, PC portal, Smart-TV, and STB interfaces.


SmartPlace Media
Interactive Touchscreen Directories offers shopping and real-estate information using Knetik Media OTT Platform in Kiosk environment. Platform provides support for integrated video, coupons, SMS, campaigns, and interactive map exhibits.


Knetik Media deployment of a multi-tenant, multi-telecom (subsidiaries), multi-device OTT-Video experience. Service deployment of over 30,000 assets from a number of major regional and global content sources, delivered to STB, SMART-TV, Mobile, and PC screens.


Western audience focused game portal operating since 2006 in partnership with major North American Managed Data Provider PEER1. Over 10M visitors and 100M+ pages served on this first gaming platform by Knetik Media.


Red Stallion Interactive
Bahrain based game-publisher serving the greater GCC and Levant markets. Premium western gaming assets delivered in a locally arranged and locally monetized medium, leveraging the Knetik Media Gaming Platform.


Etisalat (UAE)
Using the Knetik Media Gaming Platform to for the operation of XGAMES Gaming Platform.


A globally focused VOD portal with thousands of assets from the 1930-1970’s era of television programming. This collection included famed content such as Betty Boop, Gene Autrie, Bela Lugosi and more until it was acquired in 2012.


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