Shane Robinett
Chief Executive Officer
Experience: Software Architect, formerly CTO @ Data Warehouse and Lead Engineer at Harland Financial. Founder, Knetik Media

Education: University of Central Florida

Anthony Bevilacqua
Chief Product Officer
Experience: Project Manager with Supreme Court, BC. Founder, Knetik Media

Education: Royal Roads University, BC (2014)

David M. Greene
Director, Business Advisor
Experience: Founder DMG Consulting, Facilitated Raises over $100M in value. SVP Finance & Strategic Planning @ Dreams, Inc. (DRJ:NYSE) sold for $183M in 2012

Education: Tufts University


Todd Scholl
Director, Business Advisor
Experience: Director of Global Oil Research Clarkson, Senior Equity Analyst for RBC and Austin Research

Education: University of Central Florida

Paul Burton
Technology Advisor, Investor
Experience: VP of Engineering – London Bridge, VP of Software Development at Fair Isaac, VP of Software Development at Metavante

THE Investor
We’re currently seeking serious investors to join our leadership. If interested please call us at 407-687-7752.

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