Knetik Media is a privately held company located in Longwood, FL. Knetik Media is currently seeking a Round A capital raise. If you are interested in participating in the strategic vision of Knetik, please contact our Chief Executive Officer, Shane Robinett.  You can reach him directly at 407-687-7752.

Our Vision

  • End to End Solutions for Operators and Broadcasters
  • Complete package and integration, with rapid deployment
  • Re-use of Existing Infrastructure where possible
  • Operators invest Tens of Millions on Set-Top-Boxes – we re-use these investments where possible
  • Any Screen, Any Where, Any Time
  • Connected to a network? We want to be on it
  • Make Money, Save Money, Provide Better Services
  • Enable our partners to make money while saving infrastructure and providing better services to their clients

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