At Knetik we go by many names: gamers, creatives, nerds. But you'll know us as the guys who put ideas into motion.

Love games? Love to mix up your day a bit with a (somewhat intense) game of foosball? You're in the right place.

Brand spankin' new fancy digs! We've opened up your workspace and it's snazzy, trust us. Or you can check out our facebook pics at

We keep it well stocked with variety. From cheezy poofs to granola bars, we provide the fuel you desire.

National and religious holidays, birthdays, or any other special occasion - if we can have cake, we'll celebrate with you.

AKA - Nerf gun wars. We keep our employees armed with blasters and darts, because you know - we like to have some fun around here.

All day every day - please and thank you. However you want your energy, we have it for you (and plenty of it.)


Knetik Media is a privately held company located in Longwood, FL. Knetik Media is currently seeking a Round A capital raise. If you are interested in participating in the strategic vision of Knetik, please contact our Chief Executive Officer, Shane Robinett. You can reach him directly at 407-687-7752. Our Vision End to End Solutions for Operators and Broadcasters Complete package and integration, with rapid deployment Re-use of Existing Infrastructure where possible Operators invest Tens of Millions on Set-Top-Boxes – we re-use these investments where possible Any Screen, Any Where, Any Time Connected to a network? We want to be on it Make Money, Save Money, Provide Better Services Enable our partners to make money while saving infrastructure and providing better services to their clients


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